100 years ago one of the most notorious child murderers ever to be known in Copenhagen lived in this very street and walked these cobblestones. The working class and the downright poor primarily inhabited this neighborhood. Today Jægersborggade is alive with small independent shops providing the best in coffee, fashion, food, and arts and crafts.

Welcome to Jægersborggade (literal translation: Hunters castle street), a small street in Nørrebro where quality and innovation go hand in hand.

You will find about 40 specialty shops, selling everything from food, coffee, wine, clothes and luxury items for body and soul, and a handful of studios where designers, photographers, potters and artists create and sell their work. The atmosphere in the street is quite unique – this is where you will find the raw and rough, the unexpected and the new and a good deal of everyday Copenhagen life.

The shared focus is on the organic and the sustainable and also on creating a place where people can visit to shop, eat, relax, enjoy and live.

New cafés, shops, galleries and studios open all the time. Many focusing on the unusual and the weird, but the common denominator is that the people who work in the street want to inspire, surprise and create good experiences.

Jægersborggade is located between the Assistens cemetery and the Nørrebro Park.

On this website you can find a quick overview of the shops and the food places in the top menu.


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